Eco-friendly wrapping ideas

by | Dec 20, 2018

Here at Down by the river florals we were asked by the wonderful Cornish brand Nomads Clothing to share our idea’s for eco-friendly wrapping ideas this Christmas…

There are many ways to wrap your presents in lovely ways whilst still being mindful of the environment. I usually use brown paper rather than metallic wrapping papers that cannot be recycled. Your local recycling centres also should have guides to the disposal of wrapping items after the festivities. You can always purchase bio-degradable sticky tape from various places online but if you practice being nimble fingered (or get some help) you don’t need tape at all. Here I used brown paper, tied with a natural twine, and added natural elements with evergreen sprigs and pine cones. I tied the pine cones on with small pieces of twine and trimmed the edges. I also made small tags with festive calligraphy messages on with an ink brush pen. ***Tip- you can write the name or initial of the person the gift is for on the back in pencil for reference***

Another unique alternative to wrapping paper is a technique derived from the Japanese furoshiki – a traditional cloth used to wrap items, which is said to have originated from a sense of waste consciousness and care. Often people use fabric or bath cloths to wrap gifts, which can then be used afterwards. You can use any malleable fabric – I used some Indigo dyed fabric from a workshop I attended and haven’t made anything with just yet, but you can also find snippets from fabric shops. For small gifts, you can use the granny squares often used for quilting. If you have an old bed sheet or old clothes you could also use these. Once you get going you’ll soon notice different things that can be repurposed –

Happy wrapping!

You can see the full blog on the Nomads Clothing website here:

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